BCS is a network of experts in Germany that specializes in consulting and implementing communication, crisis management, branding and advocacy strategies. BCS is founded and operated by experienced experts, elite intellectuals in the profession in Germany.

Our founding members include reputable experts in crisis management, teaching, researching and practicing in Germany and advanced countries. We have specialists in many narrow industries, providing the best solutions according to German technology knowledge to best handle the problem.

With the motto “Mastering Your Uncertainty – Cultivating Your Glory”, we believe that the outstanding solutions we give will make the reputation of organizations and individuals expanded and preserved; Crises and risks will be detected early and prevented promptly. The reputation and well-being of customers, partners, is the survival of Berlin’s Network of Crisis Management Professionals – BCS.


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We have experience in successfully handling major crises in Vietnam and consulting to build an image for many domestic and international politicians, businessmen, and entertainment and sports stars.

We are a pioneer in investment and technology, providing solution packages based on algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). Experts in network, software and algorithms of BCS can detect and detect early sources of risks and disadvantages in cyberspace, from which there are different plans and plans for crisis prevention. , stop crisis risks from “infancy”, avoid for organizations and individuals unnecessary damage.

BCS is the application of solutions based on scientific research. Knowledge is the foundation of all solutions provided by BCS to customers. Therefore, scientific research on crisis management is an appropriate investment spearhead of BCS.

“If the crisis is a fire, we are the most seasoned firemen. But most of all, we know how not to let the fire happen.

We value the reputation of our customers as the pupils of our eyes – to protect them. If your reputation is in danger of “getting ill”, let us increase resistance, prevention, and healing for you”.


Lê Ngọc Sơn
Founder & CEO


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