These are expert comments on recent crises from the perspective of BCS experts

Without a conspirator, ASANZO met countless mistakes

In this case, I had an analysis of Tam’s death before that I did not understand the politics of a crisis. Tam chooses a team that does the same thing in the wrong case of her crisis. A team of aggressive and belligerent, heavy on asserting their own righteousness, but overlooking saving the master is a death of Tam.

When brand ambassadors are boycotted, businesses get enough

The event that singer My Linh got into a crisis because of “blasphemy”, and the crisis is being spread to the brands that she is the brand ambassador for, including big and prestigious brands such as Ceramics. Minh Long, poses many big questions for the prevention and management of risks and crises.

Who sprinkle My Chau’s feathers?

Read this article again to see that actions to support the way of doing business “Chinese souls, Vietnamese goods” (affixing Vietnamese labels on Chinese goods) are extremely dangerous actions not only for the economy, but also for safety. of the country. Since then, we have to boycott the way of pimp businessmen, using evildoing tricks!

The cow’s tongue line “runs in” … imported films

Sharing about the cultural impact of movies landing in Vietnam through cross-border OTT applications, expert Le Ngoc Son (Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany) said that, if not careful, in the long run they We are dominated and invaded in terms of sovereignty and media space on the Internet, and at the same time our cultural values are in danger of being compromised.

ASANZO & the politics of the crisis

The case of Mr. Tam Asanzo had a few people who asked me to take care of him. Tam no, at that time it happened 1-2 days. However, I refused because part of the plan had to return to Germany urgently due to work. In part, there are several personal reasons.

Malicious business, dishonest communication

Creating a disaster or taking the opportunity of a disaster to make a profit, economics is called “catastrophic capitalism”. Tracing strategic media, the spread of the traditional fish sauce containing arsenic has signs that were intentionally created by disciples of thisism.