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Read this article again to see that actions to support the way of doing business "Chinese souls, Vietnamese goods" (affixing Vietnamese labels on Chinese goods) are extremely dangerous actions not only for the economy, but also for safety. of the country. Since then, we have to boycott the way of pimp businessmen, using evildoing tricks!

“Upstairs and downstairs”

Designing a dynamics system for a country is of utmost importance. To develop, it is necessary to reform and correct its inherent system defects. Motivation for reform comes only when national leaders and organizations are aware of the risk of survival in the face of challenges. And in fact, there are many countries that have designed the system and functioned perfectly.

Take the example China of the period before 1980, a poor country with a powerful army but backward in both technical and tactical aspects. The 1979 border war with Vietnam that Deng Xiaoping launched to “teach Vietnam a lesson” is essentially applying the “upstairs and withdrawing ladder” strategy, awakening the Chinese to drastically reform the army. their weak team. They had to reform or lose to other opponents – that was one of Deng’s other goals. And clearly, after that absurd and inhumane war, China has awakened to reform its military towards modernity.

Then many people questioned, why in the past few decades Korea and Israel have kept the country in a “state of war” even though they are beautiful, peaceful and prosperous countries? Is that another way of applying “upstairs and withdrawing stairs”, when people understand their vital concerns, they have to work hard and study to focus on national defense and development ?!

Returning to the story of hackers attacking the two largest airports in Vietnam, it should be considered a non-traditional war – cyberwar, in which the national safety is challenged in the situation. new. Imagine, what would happen if the information about the flight path and control of the aircraft was interfered with? What if hackers get hold of national secret information? What if a large hydroelectric dam, even a nuclear power plant (managed by a computer system), is taken over? Just imagine that they are terrible catastrophes, the destruction of which is more than any kind of bombs, guns or guns.

So, consider the act of hackers as an act of war by dark forces. It may come from forces claiming to be good friends in front of us, but holding knives behind us. If these are considered “upstairs” actions, “take the ladder” to show the people that we need to deeply reform the system, at least in the information technology sector.

I still remember a story a few years ago, when I was a journalist, I was invited by a Vietnamese telecommunications company to attend the launch of a new phone line, which, according to this company, was “100% Vietnamese. “. When the main ceremony is finished, journalists are invited to visit the factory production. Colleagues touring the chain, I split the group around the factory. And in front of my eyes were strewn boxes of wooden components on the outside bearing the Huawei logo – a Chinese telecom components and services company. A feeling of lingering over my body, I decided to stop reporting on that product, and in fact this line of phones advertised as “made in Vietnam” has disappeared from the market.

Authorities were forced to turn off screens at Tan Son Nhat airport (Tuoi Tre Photo)
Authorities were forced to turn off screens at Tan Son Nhat airport (Tuoi Tre Photo)


“My Chau Goose Feather”

We freely use items that have risks to data security and information confidentiality. The story of An Duong Vuong being swapped with the magic crossbow because he believed the enemy was still a lesson for modern times. “Crossbows” can now be sophisticated spy chips, secretly stealing and altering data. Trong Thuy today plays many roles, in many ways: It can be a gain (because it is cheaper than the goods of other countries), it also comes from the corruption of removing the tray of the corrupt.

The use of electronic devices and software systems from high-risk origin places will put organizations and countries in a new danger. It was no different from the act of sprinkling goose feathers from Mỵ Châu. This should be taken seriously, and stopped.

On the one hand, the state should estimate the risks to governance reform. It is necessary to encourage the training of high-quality information technology teams, remove all legal barriers to create conditions for young people to start a strong start-up in this field. On the other hand, every business or individual needs to be aware of the level of risk when using “cheap” (cheap) electronic products originating from areas with high security risks.

Sometimes, it takes alertness to ask, is there any goose feather sprinkle, or “the enemy is behind me” ?! Sometimes, after critical situations, it should be seen as an act of “de-escalation”, as a way of motivating to reform and correct the weaknesses of national governance.

“Designing a driving force system for a country is extremely important. To develop, it is necessary to reform and correct its inherent system defects. Motivation for reform can only be found when the leaders of the nation and the organization recognize the vital risks of these challenges. ”
– (Crisis Management Specialist Le Ngoc Son) –

According to Le Ngoc Son