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Without a conspirator, ASANZO met countless mistakesAnalysis of ASANZO Miscellaneous:

In this case, I had an analysis of Tam's death before that I did not understand the politics of a crisis. Tam chooses a team that does the same thing in the wrong case of her crisis. A team of aggressive and belligerent, heavy on asserting their own righteousness, but overlooking saving the master is a death of Tam.

“Competency Department”

I was about to forget the name of this business, but thinking about the image of Tam Pham, I can’t help but feel sad. Basically, I always want to have domestic businesses to strengthen, reform and contribute to the development of the country. Our economy cannot develop, the country cannot be strong, if only relying on foreign companies. That is why I want to analyze more about ASANZO case so that other entrepreneurs know how to improvise, if facing similar situation.

Be careful with Chinese films that infringe sovereignty
Be careful with Chinese films that infringe sovereignty

When giving lectures to college classes or consulting for large businesses, I always emphasize one thing: In every crisis, HOLDING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MISSION of a crisis manager. Death or failure is the failure of the person who handles the crisis. In this case, the person who takes responsibility for crisis handling is also understood as a strategist, or a ploy.

The old people said: “Competent competence, fake multiple wins”: Those who know how to look, determine the situation, they will usually win. This “investigation” is extremely important, and requires that someone “on the astronomy, under the geographic wall” can verify the situation. “Astronomy” of the political biosphere, culture, relationships of interest; “” Geographical wall “of the human heart, of the public’s thoughts, of the ideological currents (for example China, for example), etc. Tam’s death lies in the lack of a person who has enough ability to “interrogate”, leading to the absence (or wrong mapping) of strategies, leading to one mistake after another in the solutions. Tam chose to choose strategists, Tam chose influencers on social media. Strategists may be influencers, but online influencers are not necessarily strategists. The “conspirators” in the old world rarely appear, when the time is critical, they only stand behind the allies.
In this context, influencers are often chosen to execute strategies outlined by strategists. In a nutshell, if you want to build a beautiful house with a good structure, you have to find an architect and an engineer, instead of a muscle mechanic: Luckily, there is also a so-called home. , and (for the most part) unlucky, that house could fall over at any moment. The three squads are heavy on individual ego, aggressive and belligerent, like to flaunt “the righteous ego”, but lack strategic softness to protect clients.
Because of the lack of real tricks, the wrong investigation, leading to a fatal mistake is the decision to attack Tuoi Tre.
In the assessment department, ASANZO needs to calculate which parties are involved in its crisis, and how each side is correlated with them. In this case, we can point out the following basic factors: Consumers of Asanzo products, Tuoi Tre newspaper, media forces, authorities (including the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Finance, Police…). So, in that context, who is the main factor that can determine the lives of Tam and Asanzo? Obviously everyone knows the authorities. Then the strategic direction must be that direction, instead of pouring time and energy into Tuoi Tre, while the time to “put out the fire” is running out.

(Open brackets here for a moment, that I say that is not to protect Tuoi Tre, if the reporter Van Truong is wrong in beating the business for the purpose of making money, he must be punished by the newsroom and the law).


Aggressive and Aggressive

The judiciary has a saying: “If the child says he will win, the murder of the child is not willing to lose.” many failures). The position of the team of the young Tam burning Youth was a fatal mistake in the unfavorable context of Asanzo. It has both extinguished opportunities for negotiation, diplomacy, and draining of power. Talking about the decision to attack the opponent, Do Phu has a poem that: “Van Cung Van Cuong / Use off the school’s application” (Phàm raised his bow, he had to be positive / Phàm used his name, his name had to be long). . That is to say, Tuoi Tre’s determination, then kill her. Having determined the solid beating, the head must be beaten. If you don’t see enough strength, why the hell do you do it, it will fight again. Personally, I think that Tam’s team has “illusion of strength”. Remember, even the authorities (who can decide the lives of Tam and ASANZO) have to be afraid of Tuoi Tre, the decision to attack Tuoi is definitely taking a footstroke. Of course, Tuoi Tre’s reputation has declined a little, but in general terms, the ultimate goal of ASANZO is still not achieved, and brought me countless disadvantages.

Self-announced press conference "We are vindicated" without any conclusions from the authorities. Immediately after this press conference, ASANZO published fake documents on cooperation with SHARP Japan. At the same time, not long after that, the Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department transferred the case to the police because it found ASANZO had signs of a criminal offense in its malicious business activities.
Self-announced press conference “We are vindicated” without any conclusions from the authorities. Immediately after this press conference, ASANZO published fake documents on cooperation with SHARP Japan. At the same time, not long after that, the Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department transferred the case to the police because it found ASANZO had signs of a criminal offense in its malicious business activities.

Binh Phap also taught that, seeing that the enemy’s formation is in order, full of energy, the best way is to find a place to avoid and take the peace of mind. Darkness confronted each other at that time. Tuoi Tre plays the lines with the lang class, the lessons are carefully prepared and purposefully (of course, any series of investigations that are not elaborate!). So for posting that series, it proves that Tuoi Tre’s will to hit is very strong. Thus, Asanzo should have had wisdom at that time to acknowledge that even if the “enemy” was right, or wrong, a face-to-face confrontation should be avoided.

According to what happened, Tuoi Tre (represented here is Van Truong) has arranged a way out for Asanzo. The Legion also teaches that: When the opponent accepts to open a way of life, or gives way to himself, do not rely on the escalation of the ladder. String tension, broken words If ASANZO then had Van Truong’s text message evidence, consider it a “bargain gift” for Tuoi Tre, instead of a fight. The ability to eliminate a formidable opponent should have blinked at this point. Here we must discern carefully, the first and ultimate goal is to save Tam and Asanzo, not to affirm the righteousness of the hired facebookers. Therefore, in the previous post, I said, when dealing with a crisis, don’t follow the thinking of Right – False, it’s important to find solutions based on Reasonableness. Hope Mr. Tam understands this.

Lao Tzu said: “Self-knowledge false”. Temporarily translated: see the morning. After all, Tam’s failure is due to Tam not “seeing” and upgrading himself. The Tam of the days of loading and unloading contraband goods in Mong Cai was different from the Tam from the time of Asanzo’s CEO. Ky virtue should be raised to match the clothes of a company owner.

Note: This article is for objective comment only. The sole and ultimate purpose is to learn lessons for other individuals and businesses if caught.

Le Ngoc Son
(Founder of Berlin Crisis Management Network – Berlin Crisis Solutions – BCS; Written from Berlin, Germany)

“When dealing with a crisis, do not seriously follow the right mindset of True – False, it is important to find a solution based on Reasonableness.”
– (Crisis Management Specialist Le Ngoc Son) –

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