Communication strategy educating and Crisis management in customs sector

According to Tien Phong newspaper, on November 22, 2019, in Ha Long City, after had having received the invitation from the General Department of Customs, the expert network of Communication & Crisis from Germany (Berlin Crisis Solutions – BCS), organized a communicate expertise training course about crisis management.

The expertise training course was operated by 164 attendants, who are key officials of Customs Departments across the country, and was lectured by researcher Le Ngoc Son, an expert in Strategic Communication and Crisis Handling, Founding Chairman of BCS. Publicly, expert Le Ngoc Son is also a strategic consultant, has successfully solved typical crises in incorporations and several of the ministries and sectors.

The moment of expert Le Ngoc Son, Chairman of the expert network of Communication and Crisis Management from the Federal Republic of Germany (Berlin Crisis Solutions – BCS), and Head of General Department of Vietnam Customs taking a photo with attendees in the professional training course.

The Custom Department is the pioneer in communication refresher coursing. Mr. Nguyen Danh Thai, deputy director of the general Customs department, contended human resources training in the customs field is precisely noticed. The quality of the expertise training course was satisfiedly feedbacked.

The attendees were provided with expertises and knowledge in crises identifying, situation analyzing, public communicating, lobbying, and accordant reactions to specific situations.

The lecture program were formed by “German method”: methodical, simple and practical, due to the middle ranks and key officials, altogether are the attendees.

The moment of expert Le Ngoc Son and Mister Nguyen Danh Thai – Deputy Director of General Department of Custom and Missus Vu Thi Anh Hong – Editorial director of Custom newspaper in Custom imaging conference, the end of the refresher course.

The provided knowledge was the westen theory and westen experience. Consequently, it was also the oriental knowledge and unraveling situations. Thus, the introduced solutions are individual and absorbing.

Mr. Nguyen Truong Giang, Deputy Director of Hai Duong custom department appreciated the achieved utilitarian experiences from the refresher course, including the applied solutions in routine work.

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At the refresher course, hypothetical situations were given for attendees to practice under the lecturer’s supervision. Through these practical exercises, attendees experienced crisis pressures and suggested solutions.

Ms. Nguyen Tra My, an officer in the Personnel organizing Department of the General Customs Section, an attendee in the refresher course, believed the achieved knowledge is advanced and practical in her work. Additionally, there was an expectation of maintaining the communication refresher course.

From: Tien Phong newspaper.

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