Chairman of BCS participated in sederunt about the South China Sea crisis at TAZ daily news, Berlin

Recently, expert Le Ngoc Son, founder of BCS, in Berlin (Federal Republic of Germany) accepted an invitation to participate in the discussion in the editorial office of TAZ – one of the famous German daily news. The discussion was sponsored by Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany.

“China as an assertive neighbor”was mainly discussed by the experts. The invitees were journalists from Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia) …

Commodiously, german elite were impressed with the discussed topic and there were 60 attendees. Though the speakers’ flimsy arguments based on their inexperience, the attractive topic aroused every regardants. What was remarkable was the other countries’ opposition with the stumbling blocks caused by China, with which Vietnam also had to confront.

During the discussion, expert Le Ngoc Son expressed: With the aim of understanding China’s current aggression, it is necessary to include the following in the psychological-political-ethnographic reference system:

(1) Chinese identity (claiming themself as the big-headed)
(2) “Chinese dream”,
(3) the project “One belt, one road”.

Thereby it is recognized that China NEVER GIVES UP ON THEIR AMBITIONS, and for China’s small neighboring countries it’s INEVITABLE to endure pressure from China. That is why counter-tactics with it are needed.

Hope to have another more in-depth talk on this topic with German friends.


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