Advice and training on crisis management for the Mai Linh Group

On November 28, 2019, the expert network of Communication and Crisis management from Germany (Berlin Crisis Solutions – BCS) organized a communication training and guiding in crises dealing for the Mai Linh Group in Hanoi.

Having accepted the invitation from Mr. Ho Huy, chairman of Mai Linh Group, expert Le Ngoc Son, founder and chairman of BCS, took responsibility for this training program. Previously, expert Le Ngoc Son has successfully solved several major crises in ministries, departments and incorporations. In the communications sector, expert Le Ngoc Son is esteemed for branding supporting and crisis managing for many politicians and entrepreneurs.

BCS provides online training for Mai Linh system in 63 provinces and cities, from Hanoi Office

One of the training programs main topic: ”Crisis Managing and the Media Advisors’ capacity” was operated with online-lecturing from Hanoi office and connected directly with the enterprise office from all over 63 provinces across the country.

In terms of transportation, Mai Linh Group is currently still a “Mr.Mandarin”, pioneering and gaining the upper hand in traditional transportation segment. Mai Linh Group currently has over 30,000 employees and 25,000 vehicles. According to Mr. Ho Huy, chairman of the enterprise, ventures such as branding and crisis managing were essential.

Expert Le Ngoc Son – Chairman of Network of Communication & Crisis Management Experts from Germany (BCS) and Chairman of Mai Linh Group – Mr. Ho Huy

Staff training is circumspectly observed in Mai Linh Group. Including crisis managing and communication professional training.

During the refresher course, the attendees were provided with knowledge and competencies relating to crisis identity, situation analysis, the media advisors’ capacity in strategies building and reaction correspond reactions correspondence, etc.

Due to the constrained time and characteristics of e-lecture form, the course primarily focused on introduction of some crisis management expertise.

Mr. Ho Quoc Phi, Deputy Chief of Office of Mai Linh Group ( Northern agency) presumed: With diverse approaching, the combined between West and East knowledge reveals individual and absorbing solutions.

Mrs.Victoria Doan Bich Hanh, Senior Vice President of the Mai Linh Group (Northern agency), presumed: the presented content in the course was very practical. An Expectation was held that, in the future BCS would provide the cooperation assistance in crisis managing. Additionally, guiding and training plans to intensify communication skills and manage crisis for Mai Linh Group would be offered.

Source: BCS

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