The working session between BCS and Viettel Cyberspace Center

Recently, a meeting was held between expert Le Ngoc Son, founder of Berlin Crisis Solutions, and Viettel Cyberspace Center (under the industry and military telecommunication Viettel).

Mr. Le Minh Hung, director of the center, honorably welcomed the representative of the BCS expert network. Contemporary highly assessed to the potential cooperation between two sides. Both sides have consented with the principles of cooperation and occupation.

Accordingly, BCS will coordinate with Viettel Cyberspace Center, especially in some fields, using artificial intelligence in crisis management, web monitoring and in assessing the reaction of public opinions in social networks.

It’s expected that progress in the project implementation would be made by both sides.


The moment when Mr. Le Ngoc Son, expert of crisis management (left) at the working session with Mr. Le Minh Hung (right).

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